OIL-MAY17 (BRENT) 50.345 14:15 27.03 AUD/USD 0.76100 14:15 27.03 AUD/JPY 84.019 14:15 27.03 USD/JPY 110.405 14:15 27.03 GBP/USD 1.25867 14:15 27.03 EUR/JPY 120.155 14:15 27.03 EUR/USD 1.08833 14:15 27.03 BitCoin/CNY 6580.950 14:00 27.03 USD/MXN 18.946 14:00 27.03 ATHENS 648.130 14:00 27.03 OIL-MAY17 (BRENT) 50.345 14:00 27.03 VIVENDI 17.220 14:00 27.03 DANONE 64.105 14:00 27.03 PUBLICIS GROUP 61.875 14:00 27.03 NORDEA BANK 99.275 14:00 27.03 SANOFI SA 83.700 14:00 27.03 BMW VS RENAULT 1.02756 14:00 27.03 H & M 233.950 14:00 27.03 AIRBUS GROUP 69.190 14:00 27.03 RENAULT 80.555 14:00 27.03 CAC 40 F-APR17 4999.250 14:00 27.03 LOUIS VUITTON 201.675 14:00 27.03 BNP PARIBAS 60.055 14:00 27.03 CAC 40 5006.150 14:00 27.03 ROSNEFT' 308.900 14:00 27.03 INTEL 35.215 14:00 27.03 USD/NOK 8.47790 14:00 27.03



Bloombex-Options commits to ultimate security regarding your deposit and withdrawal process.  Your deposits can be performed through an array of secure and reputable payment methods, and in a variety of currencies.  The process is simple, safe, and quick.

Your withdrawals can be received just as efficiently.  You can transfer the funds into your account in the currency that you choose, and in the secured method which is most convenient for you.  Your funds will be received in a short time period.

Below are the methods of choice, for deposits and withdrawals:

Credit Card/Debit card – Visa, Mastercard.

There are no fees on deposits using a credit card.

Skrill - Skrill  offers you a cost effective and secure way to withdraw payments online. The transactions are done in real-time. Skrill welcomes members from anywhere in the world, with no restrictions.

There are no fees on deposits using Skrill .

Wire Transfer – The main advantage of wire transfers is that there is no need to open any accounts with a third-party. Yet, these operations usually carry a fee charged by the bank. Also, keep in mind that it might take up to 5 days for the funds to appear in your account.

There are no fees on deposits using a wire transfer.



Go to www.Skrill.com and login to your account


Send the amount (USD or EUR) to the Bloombex Skrill account.

For USD send to mb@bloombex.com

For EUR send to mbeur@bloombex.com

Don’t forget to include your Bloombex ID in the explanation notes or email subject.


Send a notification email to our finance team (compliance@bloombex-options.com) in order to speed up the deposit process.

Processing may take one business day to complete the deposit.

Skrill is an e-wallet payment solution enabling international transfers between account holders.

If you would like to open a Skrill account please go to www.Skrill.com and signup now.

Note: No fees are charged on deposits, 3.5% fee on withdrawals via Skrill .


Wire Transfer:

To fund your Account using a wire transfer please contact your Account Manager, who will give you easy, step by step directions in order to make the process as easy and smooth as possible for you – and answer any questions you may have.
Contact your Account Manager now

Withdrawal information

Withdrawals must be made via the same payment method through which the funds were deposited. We aim to withdraw your funds within 48 hours from receiving your documentation (it may take up to 7 business days). To withdraw your funds, first provide us with copies/scans of the following documents:

1. The Bloombex-Options Withdrawal Form click here.

2. Identification (Passport or Driver’s License).

3. Proof of Address (either Utility Bill or Bank Statement).

4. Account Number – if applicable.

5. Credit Card copies of both sides (back and front) – if applicable.

6. Voice Signature – Contact your account manager to complete the procedure.

7. A filled out and signed Declaration of Deposits (DOD). If you haven’t already done yours, please contact the Compliance Department at the address below.

Documents should be sent to compliance@bloombex-options.com.

Withdrawal fees:

Credit Card: 3.5%
Wire Transfer: $20
Withdrawals of less than 100 USD/GBP/EUR/AUD on Credit Card and/or Wire Transfer will incur a flat withdrawal fee of $20.