NIKKEI 225 VS TOSHIBA 90.807 01:30 24.04 MAZDA VS TOSHIBA 7.490 01:30 24.04 NIKKEI VS SUMITOMO MITSUI 4.567 01:30 24.04 NZD/USD 0.70273 01:30 24.04 EUR/AUD 1.43657 01:30 24.04 NZD/JPY 77.318 01:30 24.04 AUD/USD 0.75514 01:30 24.04 AUD/JPY 83.084 01:30 24.04 AUD/CAD 1.01849 01:30 24.04 EUR/JPY 119.356 01:30 24.04 USD/JPY 110.030 01:30 24.04 EUR/USD 1.08476 01:30 24.04 TOPIX 100 956.020 01:30 24.04 NIKKEI 225 18874.210 01:30 24.04 ASX F-MAR17 5855.500 01:30 24.04 NISSAN MOTOR 1044.7500 01:30 24.04 ASX 5870.800 01:30 24.04 AUD/USD 0.75553 01:15 24.04 AUD/JPY 83.183 01:15 24.04 EUR/JPY 119.428 01:15 24.04 USD/JPY 110.100 01:15 24.04 EUR/USD 1.08474 01:15 24.04 NINTENDO 27477.500 01:00 24.04 NZD/USD 0.70412 01:00 24.04 EUR/AUD 1.43434 01:00 24.04 CAD/JPY 81.664 01:00 24.04 AUD/USD 0.75650 01:00 24.04


Platform 8

Moet ik software installeren ?

Nee, Bloombex-Options is een web-based binaire opties platform.

Waar kan ik mijn transactie geschiedenis zien?

All stortingen, opnames en transacties kunt u vinden in de "Mijn Account" sectie.

Waar kan ik zien wanneer ik in een bepaalde activa kan handelen?

Voor informatie over alle activa die je met ons platform kan verhandelen kijk in de "Activa" sectie.

Wat is de tijd die wordt weergegeven op de site?

De tijd op onze website is GMT

Colors of the rates on the trading platform

Green indicates the rising of a price, and red indicates the falling of a price.

Wat is een binaire optie?

A binary option is a prediction of which direction the price of an underlying asset will take by an expiry time.  For example, if the price of gold is currently 1500, will it rise or fall by 5:00 PM?  If the trader predicts correctly, he will receive the full payout stated in the contract.  With a binary option, the trader never purchases or sells an asset, he merely predicts the direction, and the trade expires in-the-money even if he was only right by a single pip.  Binary options are a safe way of trading, as the risk/reward is known from the outset.  Payout structures vary, and are usually between 70% - 550% of the investment amount (depending on the type of option).  Binary options have been growing rapidly in popularity since 2008, and became regulated by CySEC in 2012.

Wat is een onderliggende activa?

Onderliggende activa zijn de activa waarvan de prijs van een derivaat (in dit geval een binaire opties) afhangt.

Wat is het maximale bedrag dat ik kan investeren?

Standaard 2500 USD/GBP/EUR/AUD per transactie. Dit kan verhoogd worden voor VIP accounts.

Open Account 6

Hoe kan ik registeren?

Registering at Bloombex-Options is extremely simple:
1.    Click on “Open Trading Account” on the home page.
2.    Fill in the mandatory details.
3.    Submit the form.
4.    You will receive a welcome e-mail with a verification link. Click on it.
5.    That’s all! Welcome to Bloombex-Options!

Het lukt me niet om een account te openen. Wat moet ik doen?

Als u problemen ondervindt tijdens het openen van een rekening neem dan direct contact op met een van onze medewerkers die gereed staan om u te helpen.

Hoe zit het met winst en de belasting?

Bloombex-Options traders are responsible for their taxation liabilities, if any, at their place of residence. See our general terms for more details.

Hoe veilig is het om te handelen bij Bloombex Options?

we takes all possible measures to ensure your utmost security.  We use the internationally accepted security system SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) that encrypts all credit card payments over the web. This system is automatic, and you will receive instant notification if your browser does not support it.

Moet ik geld storten om te registreren?

Nee. Het is niet nodig om geld te storten om een rekening bij ons te openen.

Welke Valuta kan ik gebruiken voor mijn rekening?

You can open an account in USD, GBP, AUD or EUR. Please note that you cannot change your currency selection after registration.

Stortingen en Opnames 8

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit is 300 USD/EUR/GBP/AUD.

Wat is het maximale bedrag dat ik kan storten?

Dit hangt af van de methode die u gebruikt om te storten:
1. Credit card - 20,000 USD
2. Wire - Unlimited
3. Cashu - 1,000 per transaction
4.Paypal/Moneybookers - 20,000

Is there a minimum withdrawal amount?

Yes. The minimum amount for withdrawal differs with the various payment methods:

Credit Card : 100 USD/GBP/EUR/AUD

Paypal/Skrill/Moneybookers/CashU :  100 USD/GBP/EUR/AUD

Wire : 250 USD/GBP/EUR/AUD


Wat is een Swift Code?

A SWIFT code is the unique identification code of a particular bank that is used when transferring money between banks. Your bank can tell you what its SWIFT code is. If the SWIFT code comprises only eight digits, you will have to insert XXX at the end.

Kan ik een opname annuleren?

Ja natuurlijk. Neem contact op met onze medewerkens die u zullen assisteren.

Wire transfer

At Bloombex-Options, you can make any wire transfer over the amount of 500$. There is a commission of 20$ added to the wire transfer. Please note that the wire transfer must be in accordance to the details which are posted on the banking page under Wire Transfer.   Please email a copy of the wire transfer to   It can take up to 5 business days for the funds to appear in your Bloombex-Options account.
For your information, there is a window of two businesses that are designated as a period of examination in Bloombex-Options from the day that the payment request was received.  After that examination period, the remittance to the customer will be completed within 5-7 business days.

Upon any uncertainty, question, or comment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are here to help!

Hoe kan ik geld storten bij Bloombex Options?

Bloombex-Options allows you to make payments through the method of your choice be it credit card, debit card, wire transfer, Paypal, Moneybookers and Cashu.  The following credit/debit cards are accepted:

The lowest amount of payment by credit card is 250 USD

What are the procedures for deposits and withdrawals?

In order for a deposit or withdrawal to be successfully activated, proper documentation for personal identification must be supplied by e-mail to when your Bloombex-Options account is established:

1.  Picture ID:  This can be any public document such as passport or driver’s license.

2.  Documentation that can confirm present address, like a receipt within the last 6 months of a public utility bill.

3.  If you invested by credit card, then a copy of the credit card used for the investment must be sent.   For your own security, please cover your card number on the front of the card, leaving only the last 4 digits visible, and also cover the CVV number on the back of the card, leaving the signature visible.

4.  The withdrawal form which can be downloaded here.

That’s all!  Now you can deposit and withdraw to your discretion.

Handelen 9

Wat is een Call Optie?

“Call” represents the “up” direction that a price may take.  If you believe that the price of the asset will rise by the expiry, then “call” is the button to click.

Wat is een Put Optie?

Put represents the “down” direction that a price may take.  If you believe that the price of the asset will fall by the expiry time, then “put” is the button to click.

Hoe te Handelen?

Once you have deposited funds, you can make a trade by clicking on “call” if you believe that the price of the chosen asset will rise by expiry, or by clicking on “put” if you believe that the asset price will fall by the expiry time.  You will then be asked the amount you wish to ivest, and to approve the trade. The selection may be canceled by clicking on "X" at any time before the approval of the trade.  Please note that the rate keeps updating in the investment box.

Hoeveel verdien ik met een winnende Binaire Optie?

A successful investment will be in accordance to the percentage displayed for the particular offer you wish to trade. Each option displays its own payout percentage, and Bloombex-Options usually offers between 70% - 85% for traditional binary options, but you can trade One Touch options for payouts as high as 550%!

Wat zijn de tarieven in de trading boxes?

Rates are the quoted prices of the underlying assets.  The rate is the price offered by Bloombex-Options, based on live feeds from Reuters.  Please not that rates offered by Bloombex-Options are not always reflective of exact market prices – they can vary up to a few pips.  The rates we present in the trading boxes on our home page are those at which Bloombex-Options is willing to sell the options for.

Wat is het Expiry Rate?

Het expiry rate is de waarde van de onderliggende activa wanneer de vervaltijd is bereikt. Deze waarde beslist of de optie wel of niet in-the-money eindigt.

Wat is de vervaltijd?

De vervaltijd is de tijd en datum dat een optie afloopt.

Waarom veranderen de tarieven voordat ik een handelsbeslissing neem?

Tarieven bij Bloombex Options veranderen elke seconden net zoals in de markt.  Dit beinvloed automatisch de prijzen van onze opties in real-time.


Waarom kan ik niet handelen?

Normaal gesproken is het niet mogelijk om te handelen als uw balans te laag is of omdat het activa op dat moment niet beschikbaar is. Mocht het door een andere reden komen neem dan aub contact op met onze support afdeling.

Support 3

Wat moet ik doen als ik mijn wachtwoord vergeten ben ?

Please click on “forgot password?” and a new password will be issued and sent to your email.

Hoe kan ik mijn persoonlijke gegevens veranderen?

You can update the information in My Account>Personal Details or contact us by email.

Hoe neem ik contact met Bloombex op?

The Bloombex-Options support team is here for you.  You can contact us via email (, or by the given phone number for your area in the contact us page, or through our live chat system.