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Our Features


Bloombex-Options binary options are a new kind of investment. They are a way to invest in the speculated value of an asset. Such an investment on our trading system provides the buyer (our customer) the right (by contract) to purchase the underlying asset at a fixed price during a specific time frame from us.

Binaries synonyms include: digital options, fixed return options (FROs) and all or nothing options. These names all relay on the nature of trading a binary option which has only two possible outcomes and are acknowledged by investors before purchasing the option.

In short, binaries are options you purchase if you believe that the price of an asset will go up or down.

Trading binary options on Bloombex-Options – an Example:

Say an investor purchased a Google binary option at the amount of $100 because he believed that the price of that underlying would rise until the end of its expiry time. If at the end of its expiry the price of that asset is above $100 then that investor would have earned a 75% return on such an investment.

Binary Option outcomes:

Continuing the example above – If the investment is successful and the Google stock price  would have ended the day at above $100 then the investor on Bloombex-Options would have received $175.
If however the price of the asset would have fallen below $100, then our investor would have received a 10% refund which turns out to $10.


One touch binary options are the most lucrative type of exotic option in the forex and commodity markets. A one touch option offers a trader the opportunity to invest in an underlying asset which they believe will exceed or reach a certain value but may shift from that value in the future. Once the predetermined value is reached the trader gets paid.

Trading one touch options is made possible only on weekends.

A whopping Return of Up to 500%

The Bloombex-Options, one touch options are the most rewarding way for you to earn up to 500% on your investment.

One Touch trading works this way:

The asset invested in has to reach the specified set price at least once in a predetermined time frame. The Bloombex-Options system will give its traders both the direction (higher or lower) and the set price to reach they can invest in.

If the trader believes that the underlying asset will reach that price he can then invest in the option of his choice. If the set price of the option is reached (Touched) at least once during the set time frame the trader will make an outstanding return.

Here’s an example:

Say that one of the Bloombex-Options assets offered for trading closed at the following price 1.36442 on Friday. Then our system will offer two options:

* One: that you would be able to purchase a “Call” option at 1.38453, meaning that the price of the asset will have to reach that value during the set time frame.
* Two: that you would be able to purchase a “Put” option at 1.32789, meaning that the price of the asset will have to drop to this value at least once during the set time frame.

If you were correct and the asset you chose did reach the set value then you would have made a lot of money.

For instance: had you invested in the option 300 USD, and the asset you chose did reach the set value, your profit would be up to 500% return, which is 1,500 USD (300 USD x 5).

“In The Money” With One Touch
One Touch options give the trader an opportunity to make a profit before the expiry time of an asset.

Once the set price is reached the trader gets paid!
Hence the name – One Touch.



If you are looking for fast gratification, the SPOTFN platform allows you to ride the short term trend with 30, 60, and 120 second expires. Simply choose the asset, enter investment amount, click on “CALL” if you think the price will rise, or “PUT” if you think it will fall. Click on apply, and wait for expiry.

You can open multiple positions, and profit in no time!





It gives you the ability to make several predictions on the same asset, allowing you more opportunities to profit from it!

You can choose from a number of price levels and choose the corresponding market direction of your choice. For the conservatives, it offers secure, “in the money” positions with nice payouts. BUT, if you believe you have a good sense of the market, then you can increase your risk and gain BIG TIME.


Pairs allow you to predict which of two assets will outperform the other by expiry.  Pair Options are based on comparison, and only the relative performance counts.  Take two assets, for example, BMW vs. DAIMLER.  BMW’s price is currently 59.857, and DAI is currently 36.712.  By the expiry time, which out of the two (in percentage) will rise the most?



Double up your profits with this great feature. If your investment seems to be headed towards a sure profit why not not click on our double up feature and instantly create another same conditions trade at the current price of the asset.

Double your Benefits:

•    Double your profits with the double up feature

•    Establish a stronger position on positive prospects


When things look a bit uncertain you should consider our Rollover feature. This feature allows you to basically postpone the expiry of your option and give you an added trading space to see where things are headed.

The Benefits:

•    Rollover postpones the expiry time of the option

•    It is based on credible stop loss strategies

•    It allows you to get a 30% higher return when in the money on a 30% additional investment

•    Make time stay on your side

•    This feature is available up to 10 minutes before the expiry of an option

Rollover can be applied only once per each particular option.


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If you are a customer please contact us on providing your account number.

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Bloombex Options.