OIL-MAY17 (BRENT) 50.345 14:15 27.03 AUD/USD 0.76100 14:15 27.03 AUD/JPY 84.019 14:15 27.03 USD/JPY 110.405 14:15 27.03 GBP/USD 1.25867 14:15 27.03 EUR/JPY 120.155 14:15 27.03 EUR/USD 1.08833 14:15 27.03 BitCoin/CNY 6580.950 14:00 27.03 USD/MXN 18.946 14:00 27.03 ATHENS 648.130 14:00 27.03 OIL-MAY17 (BRENT) 50.345 14:00 27.03 VIVENDI 17.220 14:00 27.03 DANONE 64.105 14:00 27.03 PUBLICIS GROUP 61.875 14:00 27.03 NORDEA BANK 99.275 14:00 27.03 SANOFI SA 83.700 14:00 27.03 BMW VS RENAULT 1.02756 14:00 27.03 H & M 233.950 14:00 27.03 AIRBUS GROUP 69.190 14:00 27.03 RENAULT 80.555 14:00 27.03 CAC 40 F-APR17 4999.250 14:00 27.03 LOUIS VUITTON 201.675 14:00 27.03 BNP PARIBAS 60.055 14:00 27.03 CAC 40 5006.150 14:00 27.03 ROSNEFT' 308.900 14:00 27.03 INTEL 35.215 14:00 27.03 USD/NOK 8.47790 14:00 27.03

Privacy Policy

Bloombex Options ensures that your privacy is kept. All interactions with clients and our company are strictly confidential and no private information is ever passed on to any third party entities.

  1. By registering with Bloombex Options our clients understand that any and all private information which is collected is gathered only to ensure their safety. The collected private information is only used by our company in order to confirm the client’s identity and ensure the security of his/her deposits and trading account.
    Our strict privacy procedures are in place to help us verify the client’s identity and protect against fraud, money laundering and offer a secure trading experience.
  2. When a client registers at Bloombex Options he/she adheres to provide us with true and accurate identity information. Trading is admissible only when performed on own behalf and is prohibited if considered, in anyway, of fraudulent nature or as serving to impersonate a different individual.
  3. All personal information gathered by Bloombex Options is strictly confidential and is kept within the company and used only to ensure the safety and security of our clients. Personal information gathered is limited to the client’s personal data submitted by the client upon sign up and the use of cookies to determine the interaction of clients with our website.
  4. No personal information is ever disclosed by Bloombex Options to any third party. The only exceptions to this rule are when:
    • A client provides written consent to transfer personal information to a third party.
    • A requirement by law is made.
    • A verification analysis is required to ensure the client’s personal account and information.
  5. Our clients confirm that interactions between all clients and Bloombex Options are kept on file for the resolution of any disputes if such may arise. By registering and using the Bloombex Options platform, its services and products, the client agrees to the use of all or any part of the information which he/she supplies pertaining to their trading account, transactions made and interactions performed with the company, by the company.
  6. Bloombex Options uses the latest data protection technology in order to ensure that all client personal information is kept confidential. We protect our client’s personal information by continuously upgrading our security and updating our data protection policy.
  7. In the benefit of offering additional information about Bloombex Options, and the objective to serve our clients better, the company may contact clients occasionally either by phone or email. This service is granted primarily in order to give clients more information about financial markets and binary option trading. However, sometimes a contact might be made in order to offer our clients exceptional promotions and periodic benefits. By default, all clients consent to receiving this type of contact by the company when they register and agree to the Bloombex Options terms and conditions of use. If a client wishes to not receive this contact service, he/she might inform the company by email or phone call and no such service by the company will be granted again.
  8. Clearing and billing services are provided by E.B. Services Ltd., 5th and 6th Floors, Landmark Bulding, 14 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., Sofia, 1000, Bulgaria, which also owns and operates the site bloombex-options.com.